Ohio Safety Congress 2020

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Ohio Safety Congress 2020 (OSC 2020), sponsored by the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation, helps businesses keep their workforce safe, healthy and productive. OSC 2020 offers the additional attendance options of viewing a selected track of sessions online from anywhere! 

Online track of sessions and registration information

Individuals with an interest in occupational safety and health, wellness, rehabilitation and medical treatment of injured workers are encouraged to attend. Additionally, small business owners, students, and safety and health educators are welcome and encouraged to attend.


Build on your knowledge and reinforce your skills by connecting with peers and experts during the online event.

Come back in spring 2020 for a rebroadcast of the online event.

Online Evaluations and CE Transcript

Click on the Evaluations tab to complete session evaluations and receive CE Credits! Once the evaluations have been submitted you can then obtain your CE transcript.

Admission for this event is free! Click the button below to register, or click on the Registration button on the left.

You you will need your BWC policy number in order to register. If you do not know your policy number, click here to look it up. If you cannot locate your policy number please call 614-466-7695 for registration assistance. 

Note: Newly established businesses, students, federal government employees and individuals representing multiple BWC policies may phone 614-466-7695 for registration assistance.

Points of view, ideas, products, demonstrations or devices presented or displayed at the Ohio Safety Congress Online Event do not constitute endorsement by the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC). The information and recommendations at this event are intended to assist you in your compliance efforts. The information and recommendations may not include or identify all the corrective actions necessary to ensure compliance with federal, state or local laws, regulations, codes and standards. BWC is not liable for any errors or omissions in event materials, exhibits, or presentations.